Bozeman Trail Museum

Built in 1879 by the Rock Creek Stage Line, the Blacksmith Shop, now home to the Bozeman Trail Museum originally satisfied the needs of the nearby Bozeman Trail, connecting south-eastern Wyoming to Virginia City, Montana

Located in Big Horn, Wyoming, approximately 10 miles south of Sheridan,. Our museum is open 11 – 4 Sat. & Sun. – June, July & Aug. (Memorial Day through Labor Day weekends) or by appointment. Please call 307-674-6363 or 307-674-8050.Bozeman Trail Museum

The collection includes Indian artifacts, dentistry tools, photos of our area, pioneer clothing, books, blacksmith tools, and many other artifacts from pioneer families.

Our pioneer families include:

O.P. Hanna: who built the first log cabin in Sheridan County

‘Bear’ Davis: who earned his name by killing 159 bear

Wm. & Malcolm Moncreiffe: Scottish immigrants who raised thousands of horses for the British Cavalry in the late 1800’s and early 1900’s

Oliver H. Wallop: who also raised horses for the British Cavalry and later became the Earl of Portsmouth in 1925

Jack Dow: who was a land surveyor and platted most of the roads, ditches and towns in northern Wyoming

Wm. Jackson: who was appointed first supervisor of the Big Horn National Forest

Charles Bard: whose family knew most of the main players in the Johnson County Cattle War

Jerome Brown: who was a Johnson county commissioner during the Cattle War

John H. Sackett & Charles Skinner: who built the Big Horn Mercantile building which is still in operation today

J. O. Willits: who raised horses and became a farmer and rancher. He also built a reservoir in the mountains in 1913.