Scenic BywaysThe Bighorn Scenic Byway, which follows U.S. Highway 14 through Ranchester and Dayton north of Sheridan, includes spectacular views such as Fallen City (a field of Madison Formation limestone blocks), along with campgrounds, picnic areas and opportunities for fishing in Sibley Lake, Prune Creek and Little Tongue River.

At Burgess Junction, the Bighorn Scenic Byway offers a choice: You can connect with U.S. Highway 14A, the Medicine Wheel Passage, or continue on U.S. 14 to Shell Falls and the higher elevations west, where you may get summer glimpses of magpies, Rocky Mountain bluebirds, and mourning doves among the juniper and sagebrush.Shell Falls

Mountain lions live in Shell Canyon but are seldom seen. U.S. Forest Service personnel say those with sharp eyes may spot coyotes and bobcats.

Following 14A, the Medicine Wheel Passage, will take you to Bald Mountain City — a one-time boom town built on the promise of gold — and the Medicine Wheel National Landmark. This byway is an access to the Bighorn Canyon National Recreation Area, where you are often seeing the wild horses run and the bighorn sheep grazing!

Throughout the forest, more than 300 species of wildlife can be observed, from small animals such as porcupine, gophers, beaver and a variety of rabbits and squirrels to elk, moose and black bear. Trout of several species are abundant in the streams.