The Northern Bighorn Mountain Trail System’s 218 miles are continuously rated in the annual ‘Top 15′ by SnoWest magazine.

“You can throw snowmobilers into that rough and tumble mix–because we like a rollicking good time on a snowmobile and Wyoming definitely delivers. You just about can’t go wrong riding a snowmobile anywhere in the Cowboy State. The snow is light and dry and that leads to power riding that many snowmobilers crave. Add to that some of the best hillclimbing the West has to offer—along with some of the best trails—for those who don’t like that part of the rough and tumble riding. …you can be sure you won’t be disappointed when it comes to snowmobiling in Wyoming” as stated in Snowest Western Guide 2006.

The Bighorns provide a winter wonderland! Ride the range by snowmobile on more than 218 miles of top-ten rated trails in the Bighorn Mountain Trail System. Springtime provides excellent snow conditions with fresh powder, deep snow, and warm days, and riding into April. Cross-country trails are abundant in wide-open meadows and on telemark hillsides.

Deep snows, spectacular scenery and the vastness of the West are why people ride the Bighorns. Riding opportunities are both challenging and endless in these rugged and inviting mountains, offering some of the most enticing snowmobiling in the world. During the winter it’s easy to find fresh untracked powder and steep rolling hills to explore, with a diverse trail system that provides easy access