T-REX Natural History Museum

Experience a live lecture program on the T-Rex, other dinosaurs and the great extinction.

65 million years ago in what is now Wyoming, South Dakota and Montana, lived the greatest, most, powerful predator ever to walk the Earth. This was the great Tyrannosaurus Rex. With a five-foot skull packing eight inch teeth, huge jaw muscles and forty-five miles per hour speed, he feared nothing.

One of the Northern Wyoming’s newest attractions is the T-Rex Natural History Museum. It is located in Ranchester on Highway 14, the scenic route to Yellowstone National Park through the Bighorn Mountains.

TrexIn the museum, you can take your picture with a life sized cast skull of a female T-Rex named Sue. Dinosaur diorama includes a Velociraptor, T-Rex vs Triceratops, Allosaurus vs Diplodocus, Ankylosaurus and Parasaurolophus. There are also 1-8.75 scale skeletons of T-Rex’s Sue and Stan.

Dinosaur Fossil dioramas explain how dinosaur bones fossilized and also the theory that dinosaurs were warm blooded.

There is a beautiful collection of minerals and crystals, including Quartz crystals, Fluorite, Calcite and petrified wood. Also there are Mexican minerals, Tri State crystals, and minerals from Arizona and California.

In the gift shop, you can buy quality dinosaurs like T-Rex, Triceratops, Velociraptro and many others. Dinosaur books, mugs, t-shirts and fossils and a beautiful selection of minerals and crystals are offered. There are also Wyoming minerals maps, mineral sets and Native American jewelry.