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Fishing report brought to you by Fly Shop of the Bighorns.

North Tongue, South Tongue, Most all smaller creeks

The mountain streams are all fishing great. Wading is good, but as always use caution when wading faster water conditions. Green Drakes, Flavallina (small western green drakes), PMD, beatis, caddis and midges are hatching are hatching everyday. The dry fly fishing is great in the Bighorn Mountains. Grass hoppers are starting to get going in the lower elevations. The next month is going to grow the grasshoppers in the mountains, and the fishing will improve with big bugs to throw. When the fish get on hoppers, you will see fish get reckless. August is going to be hotter, but the fishing will still be great. When the days are hot, we recommend fishing earlier and later in the day. The hot part of the day between 1 and 4 is hard on the fish, so we recommend giving the fish a break from more fishing pressure. If you have further questions, or you want to get some help learning. We recommend you call and ask us.

All Canyon fishing in the area

Canyons are fishing great. There is typically cooler and higher oxygenated water in the canyons. The fish will be happy and willing to eat if you take the time and effort to get out. I love fishing the canyons this time of year. The fish are typically bigger and actively feeding. The only issue with canyons are they are rugged and physically hard to move through. Bring a friend and go slow is the best way to fish canyons. Better safe than sorry. Get out there and fish.

Bighorn River

River flow increased to 2400 at St. Xavier

The River is fishing good. The black caddis are the main bug on the river right now. Grass hoppers are looking good so far this year. The moss is getting worse, so be prepared to not land all the fish you hook. This does not make the fishing bad, it just changes the challenges of the water, which will make you a better fisherman. Plan on learning a few new skills when you fish the Bighorn River.

  • Black Caddis, drys and nymphs 20-16 – Top flies of the week
  • Black Caddis nymphs 20 – 16
  • Worm patterns
  • Sow Bugs 18 – 16
  • Orange Scuds 18 – 16
  • Zebra Midge Olive 18 – 16
  • Quill Midge (flash back and standard) 18-16 Top fly of the week
  • BWO (Wonder Nymph, Killer May Fly) 18 -16 Top fly of the week
  • Pheasant tail 18 – 16 working great
  • Smoke Jumpers 18 -16
  • BWO Comparadun 18 – 16

WE RECOMMEND FISHING in the Lakes, Ponds and Reservoirs

Lake Desmit, Saw Mill and Sibley along with the other 200+ area lakes, ponds and reservoirs for a few more weeks because the fishing is great.

  • Bugger patterns (Olive, Black and Cream) 8 – 6 – 4
  • Leach patterns (olive and black) – 10 – 8 – 6
  • Jig Patterns (Olive, Cream) 12 – 10 – 8
  • Midge Patterns in larger sizes and small sizes 14 – 12 – 10
  • Traveling Sedge Caddis – 14 – 12
  • Damsel flies 12 – 10 – 8
  • Callibeatis 16 – 14 – 12


Your favorite had tied custom fly.

  • Blue Wing Olives – drys and nymphs.
  • Zebra Midge – Red – 16
  • Prince Nymph – 14 to 10
  • Shop Vac – 14 – 16
  • Pheasant Tails – 14 – 10
  • Vanilla Buggers – 8 – 6 – 4
  • Orange Blossom Special – 6
  • Olive buggers – 8-6
  • Simulator Dry Fly Patterns – Stone patterns 12 – 10 – 8
  • Chubby Churnobyl 12 – 10 – 8
  • Black, Golden and Brown Tungsten Stonefly – 10, 8, 6

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