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Sink your teeth into the T-Rex Natural History Museum.

That the Mountain West is a haven for archaeological and paleontological discovery is no secret – some of the most awesome dinosaur and ancient mammal species ever uncovered from the earth have been dug up in Wyoming, Montana, South Dakota, and North Dakota.

65 million years ago, in present day Sheridan County, lived the most powerful predator of all the dinosaurs: the Tyrannosaurus Rex.

Dedicated to this ferocious and mighty predator, the T-Rex Natural History Museum is small, but packed with attractions – a massive skull of a female T-Rex named Sue, dioramas, raptor fossils, geological curiosities, crystals, and more. Experience a live lecture program on the T-Rex, other dinosaurs and the great extinction. In the gift shop, you can buy dinosaurs, dinosaur books, mugs, t-shirts and fossils, minerals and crystals.

The T-Rex Natural History Museum is located in Ranchester on Highway 14, a 20-minute drive from Sheridan.

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