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June 3-4, 2022

Bots Sots Remount: A “Heap Good” horse sale in Sheridan, Wyoming on June 3-4, 2022 featuring excellence in all equine disciplines.

What is Bots Sots?

From long before white men set foot on the western frontier, the region surrounding present day Sheridan Wyoming has been a virtual Garden of Eden for horseflesh. Indian ponies, work horses, cavalry remounts, ranch horses and polo ponies have been raised from the rich prairie grasses by every variety of horseman. It is in this spirit of appreciation for all variety of horse that the Bots Sots Remount was created.

“Bots Sots” is a Crow term generally held to mean “heap good”. This, combined with the rich equine history of the Absaraka (the area from just north of present day Casper Wyoming to Miles City Montana and the Dakota border to Billings Montana), were the inspiration for the Bots Sots Remount.

When General Custer crested the hill, just before facing his historic demise, he was faced not only with the largest encampment he had ever seen, but also a horse herd numbering nearly 20,000. After the Natives had been banished to their respective reservations, English aristocrats moved into the area bringing with them a passion for highbred horses. Notable equines including Kentucky Derby winner Spokane and Black Diamond, who set the world record in the half mile in Chicago, were products of the passion and wealth of the Englishman, combined with the high altitude and rich grasses of Absaraka. These same men would go on to cross their Thoroughbred stallions on the now feral  Indian herds to create a horse spectacularly suited for the needs of the time.

Malcom Moncreiffe set about in the later decades of the 1800’s to building the Polo Ranch in Big Horn Wyoming which produced some of the top playing polo ponies in the United States and Europe.

At the turn of the century electric street cars had replaced the horse as the main means of transportation in the country and the bottom fell out of the horse market. Many previously prosperous ranchers found themselves belly up and tens of thousands of horses were once again released into the Absaraka to fend for themselves.

Demand for horses in the area saw a dramatic change in circumstance when the British Army entered into the Bore War and set to buying 25,000 horses to send to South Africa for the war effort.

World War I had a crippling effect on the horse population of the world. In an effort to supply themselves with decent mounts, the US Army implemented the Remount Program where private ranches with the mares and land to raise colts were given Thoroughbred stallions. The resulting offspring could then be sold back to the US Army. Once again the roving bands of feral horses were gathered and put into production. In a day when a cow was bringing $2.00/head a remount horse could be sold for $165/head and the arena flourished on the trade of horses.

The Bots Sots Remount seeks to build upon this rich equine history with a sale the brings together the best horses from an array of disciplines. Offering elite rope horses, polo ponies, charro horses and ranch geldings,  the Bots Sots Remount promises to be the most unique sale in America today.

Make plans now to be in Sheridan Wyoming on June 3-4, 2022!

For more information, including the 2022 sale horses, visit botssotsremount.com

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