Recreational activities abound . . . Find unlimited, easy-to-access recreation in the still pristine Bighorn Mountains. Hike, bike, camp, boat, rock climb or photograph the wildlife and scenery, or catch a hunting season in these golden hills . Or step farther back in time with the ancient and complex geology reaching back billions of years.
The Bighorn National Forest and Bighorn Mountains are a visitor’s paradise, with elevations ranging from 4,000 to 13,165 feet. The wilderness areas are located in the most rugged portion of the range and are destinations for those who really desire their outdoor excursions.
With 106 million acres of Bighorn National Forest encompassing 180,000 acres of wilderness, encounter tranquil, secluded streams, and some of the finest fishing around. Those wild waters, along with trophy reservoirs and private streams and ponds, provide ample opportunity to test your mettle against a variety of trout.
The Bighorns provide a winter wonderland! Ride the range by snowmobile on more than 218 miles of top-ten rated trails in the Bighorn Mountain Trail System. Cross-country trails are abundant in wide-open meadows and on telemark hillsides. Deep snows, spectacular scenery and the vastness of the West are why people ride the Bighorns.
Also enjoy watching and photographing hang gliders from across the nation as they soar above the Bighorn Mountains at Sand Turn west of Sheridan.