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There’s an ancient Norwegian proverb that states any good man should carry with him at any one time 11 knives of different lengths… if he intends to fight a bear. In the woods. While naked.

A creed which we should all dedicate ourselves to.

In this episode of The Backyard we explore knifecraft with Judson Rateliff and Kevin Willey. Judson, who moved to Sheridan with his wife and kids a few short years ago, showcases his skills the old fashioned way, hammering out his blades on a classic in his shop. His work has quickly generated a sizeable following on social media, and his blades can be found at some of the finest shops in the region.

Kevin Willey has more than 20 years of experience as a smith, and to say that he is a master craftsman is an understatement. His shop is a place where mechanical dreams are made; some of the drills and presses that Kevin has refurbished and rebuilt over the years are more than 100 years old, and they are put to work in crafting some of the most remarkable knives in the American West.

We had the opportunity to watch both Judson and Kevin ply their trade, and we hope that everyone watching will some day have the opportunity to own one of their spectacular heritage pieces.

Find Judson’s work at jrateliffknives.com
Find Kevin’s work by searching Facebook for Kevin Willey’s KAW Rawhide & Steel

The culture of craft is as quintessentially Wyoming as long days on the ranch, bucking broncs, and snow-capped peaks. Sheridan is home to a vast spectrum of craftsfolk, including world-renowned leather crafters, brewers, metalsmiths, carpenters, chefs, sculptors, gunsmiths, painters, writers, fashion designers, and bladesmiths.

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