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Saturday, June 5th 2021

The Dead Swede is dedicated to having fun on bikes! Sheridan County, Wyoming is home to some of the most beautiful places to ride. There are four course lengths; the 100 mile Crusher, the 60 mile Creeper, the 40 mile Cruiser, and the Little Rippers’ 20 Mile. Come race/ride/tour on the premier gravel, single track, and pavement of Wyoming’s Bighorn Mountains.

100 Mile Crusher

Big climbs, fast descents, flowing single track, and epic views, this course has it all!

 We will have a controlled start in Kendrick Park where an escort will lead the pack through some historic homes in Sheridan towards WYO 331. Once the escort pulls off, the race is on! 

Continue on WYO 331 until you make a left turn on to Beaver Creek Rd (approximately mile 6). Loosen up those legs with 10 miles of rolling gravel before you hit aid station #1 in Big Horn. From here you’ll turn south (right) for a section of pavement as you begin to climb your way to the infamous Red Grade Road. 

Take a left at the Red Grade Trail Head to break up some of the climb with some fun single track as you make your way to the Springs Trail Head. Once you’re here, the climb is on! Be sure to stay to the right hand side of the road while climbing as there are many blind corners and there will be two-way traffic on this road. You’ll continue to climb to aid station #2 around mile 24.5.  

From here, you’ll enter the National Forest on some fast hard-pack gravel and dirt with some rolling hills and epic views of Black Tooth Peak  and the rest of the Cloud Peak Wilderness. At approximately mile  32 will be aid station #3 and you’ll work your way south on forest road #293 towards Park Reservoir. Take a left on forest road #309 before getting to the reservoir (if you make it to the lake, you’ve gone too far!).

Continue on road #309 until there is a slight merge onto #316 (continues east). From here you’ll continue on #316 and work your way back towards Red Grade Road. Enjoy some fast two-track with some super sweet jumps! There may be a deep-water creek crossing followed by a steep and sandy climb, so bring extra socks if you’re worried about getting your feet wet or blisters. 

At the top of the climb, you join back up with Red Grade Road. Continue east towards station #2/4 and begin the fast decent down the face of the mountain. Make the hard right turn at the Springs Trail Head and continue on to the downhill portion of the single track section before you hit the pavement and head back to Big Horn.

Turn left at station #1/5 at Big Horn and retrace your steps on Beaver Creek Road for about 5.5 miles until you make a left (its actually straight as the main road turns right) onto Big Horn Road (dry-weather road )and zig-zag your way to Beckton where you’ll meet up with the rest of the 60 and 40 milers. 

Continue on the remainder of the 40 mile course (see description below). 

60 Mile Creeper 2020

The 60 mile course starts identically to the 100 mile course. There will be a controlled start beginning at Kendrick Park where you’ll follow an escort until you reach WYO 331 .

The course follows WYO 331 on pavement until you reach Beaver Creek Road (approximately mile 6). Turn left (south). Here you’ll do a slight out and back by continuing to aid station #1 (approximately mile 16). Turn around and continue back on Beaver Creek for about 5.5 miles where you’ll merge left onto Big Horn road and make your way towards Beckton.

From here, you’ll join up with the 40 mile course (see description below).

40 Mile Cruiser

The 40 mile course starts identically to the 100 mile course. There will be a controlled start beginning at Kendrick Park where you’ll follow an escort until you reach WYO 331 .

The course follows WYO 331 on pavement until you reach the small town of Beckton and and begin the real grind! Try not to hide your excitement with the first major climb of the course up the famed PK Lane Hill. Aid station #1 will be at the top of the climb (moved from previous years). As you peak out on this climb, you’ll ride through Sheridan County’s gorgeous rolling ranch lands at the base of the Bighorn Mountains, making your way towards Dayton. 

When you roll into Dayton, you’ll take a left turn at the Stop sign followed by a Right turn onto US HWY 14. The second aid station will be on the right hand side at The Dayton Town Pool. Restrooms will be open.

Make another right hand turn at Corner Grocery/Sinclair Gas Station (4th Street).

After a quick decent, you’ll make a right hand turn onto Wolf Creek Rd where you’ll work your way south to Soldier Creek Rd. Be prepared for a few more climbs on this section, but don’t worry, the Beer and Bacon Station is at the top of one of them!

From here, you’ve got 10 more miles into town. Cruise down some fast gravel back into the Sheridan Valley. Just as the 100 milers did, you’ll catch pavement. Cruise downhill to the Fair Grounds and make a right hand turn on Kentucky Street followed by a left hand on to Lewis Street. Continue straight down Lewis, through the four-way stop. You’ll make a hard right hand turn in to the Sheridan Junior High Parking lot and on to the Bike Path where you’ll begin a steep paved descent into Kendrick Park. At the bottom of the hill, you’ll be directed right for the final finishing stretch where green grass awaits!

Little Rippers’ 20 Mile

This course is designed to introduce young riders  and beginners to gravel grinding.

There will be a shuttle the departs Black Tooth Brewing Company immediately following the start of the 40 mile race. Riders and their bikes will be shuttled to the Scott Bicentennial Park in Dayton.

Racers will head out from the park towards 4th St where they will then turn left and join the last half of the 40 Mile course. Racers from the 40 mile and 100 mile should start coming through around the same time, so there should be plenty of encouragement out on course.

After the ride, be sure to stick around at the brewery for a fun awards ceremony, food, drinks, and street dance!

For more information and to register, visit thedeadswede.com.

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