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Saturday, June 3rd, 2023

The Dead Swede is dedicated to having fun on bikes! Sheridan County, Wyoming is home to some of the most beautiful places to ride. There are four course lengths; the 100 mile Crusher, the 60 mile Creeper, the 40 mile Cruiser, and the Little Rippers’ 20 Mile. Come race/ride/tour on the premier gravel, single track, and pavement of Wyoming’s Bighorn Mountains.

100 Mile Crusher

Big climbs, fast descents, flowing singletrack, and epic views, this course has it all!

Make no bones about it, this course will challenge the most seasoned gravel rider. With rolling hills, a rough gravel climb that sees 16 percent punchy grades, riders will be treated to some of the most awe-inspiring scenery in the nation.

  • Paved – 24.15 mi – 25%

  • Gravel – 72.45 mi – 75%

  • Total Ascent – 9,684 feet

  • Aid Stations about ever 10 miles

60 Mile Creeper

Do not make the mistake of thinking the 60 is easier just because it’s shorter than the 100 mile course. Plenty of climbing awaits as you grind out the miles on this “tour of the Big Horn foothills”.

  • Paved – 12.3 mi – 20%

  • Gravel – 47.9 mi – 80%

  • Total Ascent – 3,899 feet

  • Aid Stations about every 10 miles

40 Mile Cruiser

The Dead Swede 40 mile course is a challenging but beautiful ride through the foothills west of Sheridan, Wyoming. You’ll be presented with grand landscapes, green fields, most likely wildlife, and a few punchy climbs.

  • Paved – 15 mi – 33%

  • Unpaved – 30.5 mi – 67%

  • Total Ascent – 2,092 feet

  • Aid Stations about every 10 miles

Little Rippers’ 20 Mile

Our 20-mile course is designed for beginners, families, and those that want to get out on the gravel and experience the spectacle for themselves.

This is a one-way ride from Dayton Wyoming to the finish line in Sheridan. There will be a shuttle the departs Black Tooth Brewing Company immediately following the start of the 40-mile race. Riders and their bikes will be shuttled to the Scott Bicentennial Park in Dayton.

Racers will head out from the park towards 4th St where they will then turn left and join the last half of the 40 Mile course. Racers from the 40 mile and 100 mile should start coming through around the same time, so there should be plenty of encouragement out on course.

For more information and to register, visit thedeadswede.com.

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