Sheridan is quintessentially let 'er buck Western and refreshingly nouveau riche, a raucous cowboy haunt, the intrepid traveler’s perfect hideaway, and the gateway to the Bighorns.

Come out West to peek beneath the façade of 200 years of frontier history and revel in the new American West.

The Bighorn Mountains. Home to skyscraping 13,000-foot peaks, crystal-clear alpine lakes, mammoth rock outcrops, a wide array of wildlife, and millions of acres of public land.

The City of Sheridan. A major seat of Mountain West history, a cultural touchstone, a cowboy playground, and a perfect vision of Wyoming. Come out West and discover Sheridan.

  • Bighorn Mountains

    Recreation knows no bounds in the Bighorn Mountains. Hike, bike, camp, boat, or photograph the… more

  • Downtown Sheridan

    Sheridan boasts 46 buildings that have been included on the National Registry of Historic Places.… more

  • Guest Ranches

    Whether you’re looking for dazzling outdoor adventure or just a fresh place to breathe easy,… more

  • Lakes & Streams

    Bighorn Lake Immerse yourself in the relaxing, picturesque, peaceful surroundings of Bighorn Lake, located roughly… more

  • Neighbor Towns

    Beautiful Big Horn is home to the Powder Horn Golf Club, Big Horn Polo Fields,… more

  • Parks & Trails

    City Parks The City of Sheridan Parks Division is responsible for park maintenance, repair of… more

  • Scenic Drives

    Bighorn Scenic Byway Follows US Highway 14 through Ranchester and Dayton north of Sheridan, includes… more

  • Top 20 Sites

    Historic Downtown Sheridan Map Host to a myriad of events and activities, shows, boutiques, restaurants,… more

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