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The fourth annual Summer Safari July 27-29, 2023

Come to Wyoming to kick off your summer vacation!! The Bighorn Mountain Crawlers are hosting the Fifth annual BMC Summer Safari this June to help show off our wonderful Bighorn Mountains.  With over 1.1 million acres of public lands and 1200 miles of trails, the Bighorn Mountains are the ideal setting for just such an event.  This being the 5th year running, expect even more fun!

Kicking off on Thursday, July 27th, the event runs through Saturday July 29th, where we’ll end the event with a Banquet and raffle drawings for some very exciting prizes.   This year we have also added the Overlanders “Expedition ’23” which is a 3 day, 2 night guided trip throughout the northern Bighorn mountains.  Get your overland gear ready for adventure!!

After checking in at Bear Lodge on Thursday, you’ll have the chance to take in the vendor show & hang out at the bonfire or go get on the trail for the sunset run.  Once the sunset run is complete, there will be another night run down nickel creek for those wanting to test out their new lights.  With any luck the bonfire will be going when we get back.

The main Safari trail options have changed again this year.  While we preserved the crowd favorites, we added a couple that everyone can enjoy.  From the gnarly rocks of Boulder Basin, to the breathtaking views from the Highway to Heaven, you will find your escape in the Bighorns.
Trail information is still forthcoming, but will soon be found here:  2023 Safari Trails

Proceeds from the event will go towards the Crawlers efforts to preserve, protect, and enhance public access in the Bighorn Mountains.  A percentage will also go to the USFS and local charities.

Terrain and Vehicles Allowed:
-The majority of the trails that we will be on can be traveled by smaller stock 4×4’s and UTV’s.  There are a few trails that can be challenging to the beginner, and spotters are encouraged.   This is not what most would call an extreme 4×4 event.  See trail ratings below.
-Larger 4×4’s risk body damage from trees and shrubs.
-Any short wheel base 4×4 vehicle or full size UTV is welcome as long as they are registered and insured as per event rules.

And just in case you missed where to register:  www.bighornmountaincrawlers.com/registration.html

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