City Parks

The City of Sheridan Parks Division is responsible for park maintenance, repair of facilities, general upkeep, watering, trash removal, and lawn care at a number of city parks, including: 
  • Kendrick Park
  • Washington Park
  • Emerson Park
  • Lions Club Park
  • Marshall Park
  • Mill Park
  • Rotary Park
  • North Heights Park
  • Crook’s Fountain

Additional Parks & Attractions

There are a number of parks which are not maintained by the Public Works Parks Division, and instead are maintained by the Sheridan Recreation District, including:
  • Thorne-Rider Park
  • Sheridan Skate Park
  • Oatts Field
  • Sheridan College Softball Complex
  • Municipal Pool at Kendrick Park
  • Tennis Courts at Kendrick Park
  • Ice Cream Stand at Kendrick Park