Through-out the Northern Bighorn Mountains, several beautiful places have been allotted for some very relaxing and enjoyable ATV riding. Camping, fishing, horseback riding, bird watching, wildlife photography and walking trails are a few of the many outdoors activities one can pursue in an outing. The Bighorn’s Range have all of these activities and more…

A ride along the Big Horn trail system provides the experience of many wonderful objects of nature. Wild life and natural beauty are abundant. Heavily forested trails suddenly give way to large, scenic meadows with breath taking views of the mountain tops, and then, on the other side of the meadow, it’s back into the forests with the trail. This picture is thankfully repeated through-out the ride. Not to mention, moose, elk, big horn sheep, mountain goat, and deer are all crossing the paths, somewhere; if one keeps a leisurely pace, the wildlife will be seen. The lucky rider may also witness a cattle drive on the move, as this is open range. The Bighorn Mountains offer spectacular scenery and plenty of opportunities for outdoor recreations on ORVs. With those opportunities come the responsibility to care for the land.

Shell Falls Map

Located near Sheridan, and just a few hours from famous Yellowstone National Park, the Big Horn Range is never far from the necessities in life. Buy an ATV permit from a local gas station or Sheridan’s Wal-Mart (a yearly permit was priced at $15.00) and fill-up the gas containers, buy the groceries, and don’t forget the fishing license. One will find trail maps as well.

The Bighorn National Forest covers over a million acres of spectacular Ponderosa Pine covered hills and beautiful open park meadows. Your summer fun activities such as – ATV or horseback riding, fishing, hiking, camping, bird watching or wildlife photography just to name a few. Refreshing mountain mornings, warm days, and the crisp mountain air of the mild evenings, along with the ATV ride, provide an overall pleasurable experience. It is an experience to be cherished; one that the rider will have the urge to repeat.