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Lakes and Streams

Lake DeSmet

Years ago, Indians believed this lake had no bottom, and it became the basis for many legends and superstitions. This lake is named after a Belgian priest, Father DeSmet, who came to Wyoming in 1840 as a missionary to the Flathead Indians. It is located on the east end of the Bighorns and is the largest Wyoming lake near Sheridan. You will have excellent fishing opportunities at Lake DeSmet and it can be fished year-round. If you decide to ice fish, be certain the lake is frozen solid. At DeSmet you will find brown and rainbow trout, rock bass and yellow perch.

Sibley Lake

About 45 minutes from town, you will find Sibley Lake. It is in the mountains surrounded by pine forests. Watch for moose who love this lake for grazing. Great trout can be caught here too! No motorized water craft are allowed. You will find brook, cutthroat, and rainbow trout.

Bighorn Lake

Immerse yourself in the relaxing, picturesque, peaceful surroundings of Bighorn Lake, about 50 miles west of Burgess Jct.on scenic by-way highway 14A. Enjoy Boating, swimming, camping, hiking, wildlife (wild horses & bighorn Sheep) and fishing. The most popular game fish, a gourmet’s delight, is the walleye. Other fine game fish, such as brown and rainbow trout, sauger, ling and perch, abound. Winter ice fishing around Horseshoe Bend is good.

Tongue River Reservoir State Park

The 12 mile-long reservoir sets in the scenic red shale and juniper canyons and open prairies of southeastern Montana about 20 miles north of Sheridan on highway 314. Visitors flock to enjoy the recreational opportunities of boating and other water sports with excellent pass, crappie, walleye, and northern pike fishing. Montana regulations for boating, camping and fishing are in effect.

Park Reservoir

The reservoir is located in the Bighorns with the shortest access up Red Grade Road (State 26) just outside Big Horn, Wyoming. The water levels are dependent on the annual rainfall and irrigation usage. At Park Reservoir you will catch brown, cutthroat and rainbow trout.

Big Horn Mountain Alpine Lakes

The alpine lakes are pristine and fly fishing is a must, although not a requirement, on these waters. Clean, fresh water and the surroundings are exquisite. You won’t be disappointed fishing any alpine lake in the Bighorn Mountains.

Ranchester City Reservoir

Northwest of town and by the Town of Ranchester is the city reservoir. Big enough to enjoy the quiet of the outdoors, small enough to bring the family and close enough to Sheridan to give you another opportunity to fish the waters of the Big Horn Mountains.

Rotary Park Fairgrounds Pond add to trip planner A great spot for a family outing. Bring a picnic and your poles. This site was developed by the local Rotary Club and is a great spot for a few hours of fishing and a good location to teach the kids how to fish. Or bring your fly pole and get in some practice.

Sam Mavrakis Pond

A wild area named after our favorite fisherman, Sam Mavrakis, a man who has taught most of the community about fishing. Mavrakis pond is located close to the city center. There’s plenty of room for you to spread out and fish for trout. A great family spot for fishing, too.

Tongue River Canyon and Tongue River

Miles of quality fishing can be yours in the canyon. Fast, cold, mountain water rushes down the canyon from high above in the Bighorns. The hike is great. The fishing is always good. The Tongue River has several access points besides the canyon. Please pick up information from the Game & Fish about this fishery. The Tongue River (North & South) has black bullhead, brook and rainbow trout depending on which drainage you fish.

Piney Creek

This creek flows out of the mountains near Story. Hike up Piney Creek Trail and make a day of fly fishing.

Little Goose and Big Goose Creeks

The waters of the Bighorns provide the habitat for a quality fishing experience. Bring your waders or sit on shore. The waters are fast so plan your strategy to catch the “big one.” You will find brook, brown, grayling, and rainbow trout in these waters.


# Local Day Trip Fishing Guide (pdf)

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# Wyoming Game and Fish

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