The Bighorn Mountain Range is 80 miles long - extending south from the Montana border to Central Wyoming – and features a mixture of high-quality climbing routes in all vertical ranges up to 1,600’. These routes vary by size and location, and are composed of a mixture of rock (granite, sandstone, and limestone) to make things interesting. Some of the favorite climbing sections are:

Post Creek

On highway 14 crossing Granite Pass in the northern Bighorns, go about 10 miles east of Shell. The Post Creek pullout will be on the right if approaching from Shell and about 3-4 miles past the Shell Falls visitor area if coming from Sheridan. There are 5-6 known ice climbs of 1-3 pitches that cascade over the black dolomite band. Obvious from the road, the climbs require a rather steep bushwhack of 30-45 minutes. Excellent lines!

The Shroud

About 2-3 miles before the Shell Falls visitor area if coming from Sheridan and across the creek. Park immediately above in large pullout and follow trail downhill and across log to base. 5 min. The rock type is limestone. The type of climbing is ice.