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5 Things That Make Sheridan Unique

If we asked you to name five reasons why your hometown is awesome and unique, we bet you couldn’t list the ones we did below. Unless, of course, you’re from the wonderful town of Sheridan, Wyoming.

This little slice of paradise in the foothills of the Bighorn Mountains is the perfect place to escape real life for a while. And when it comes to road trip escapes, there are few folks who know the open road more than CarRentals.com, which is why we’ve partnered with them to present the top things that make Sheridan so unique.

Here are CarRentals.com’s recommended reasons why you should tour this Wyoming town.

  1. Bighorn National Forest

Spanning over 1.1 million acres of forested mountains and rolling grasslands is one of the most serene and beautiful national forests in the country. With its headquarters located 34 miles away from downtown Sheridan, it’s no wonder why locals and visitors alike love to clear their heads with an afternoon drive through this untouched land.

  1. The Mint Bar

Once your cruise through the great beyond is complete, head back to town, park the car at your hotel along Main Street, and set off on foot to the oldest bar in the state. During the days when cowboys hitched their steeds out front, nickel-plated revolvers were coat-checked at the door, and the clinking of steel spurs echoed through the room, The Mint was there. This legendary watering hole has been serving Sheridan since 1907 and doesn’t look like it’ll stop anytime soon. Shake hands with the locals and swap stories with fellow travelers. And if you perk your ears up, you’ll probably be able to catch the sound of a boot spur rattling off the back of some cowboy’s heel—he’s probably sitting in the stool next you, sipping a small batch bourbon from Wyoming Whiskey.

  1. Don King Museum

Not the Don King who promotes boxers and has hair taller than a three-year old. This Mr. King spent his life putting together one of the biggest collections of Western and cowboy memorabilia from around the world. There’s a room where walls are lined with handcrafted saddles, perfectly preserved wagons and coaches, old guns, and Native American artifacts. And if you happen to have a horse or two back home, go ahead and buy a saddle of your own. It’ll look good on the back of your Clydesdale.

  1. The Brinton Museum

If you’re looking for a place where art, nature, and history come together in a happy medium, look no further than this spectacular historic ranch museum. Built in fabulous 1920s revival style, the Brinton is a must-do while passing through Sheridan. Check out the Ted and Katie Meredith Gallery of Western Art where the “crown jewels” of the museum’s collections are housed. Whether you know how to interpret art or not, this place is amazing.

  1. First Peoples’ Pow Wow

Held during WYO Rodeo Week, this one-of-a-kind event is held on the grass in front of the Sheridan Inn and has to be seen. The Native American dancers dress up in traditional garments and perform dances that will blow your hair back. If you only go for a day make sure you go the last day because the finale is something you won’t soon forget. And the best part? It’s free!

Bonus Fun Facts about Sheridan:

  1. Famous Western showman “Buffalo Bill” Cody used to own a piece of the Sheridan Inn.
  2. The CEO of Best Buy, Brad Anderson, is a Sheridan native.
  3. The town is named after General Philip H. Sheridan, a Union Army General during the American Civil War.

From hiking in a beautiful national park and sipping smooth whiskey at Wyoming’s oldest bar to attending an eye-opening pow wow, Sheridan, Wyoming, is about as unique as they come. Stay a while, won’t you?

Exterior photo of the Brinton Museum courtesy of Yelp via the Brinton Museum.

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