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The day had finally arrived, it was time to prove himself before the nobles, friends, family, and most importantly his love. During the last few months he had thought about her constantly. Her sweet smile and kind words lingered in his thoughts. Their last encounter had been short, full of promises for a glorious future together. Pure excitement filled his being when he had been informed that he would be competing in this year’s summer tournament. He decided it was time. He would compete for her.

After years of preparation and training, he felt he was ready to show his true worth and strength. As final arrangements were made, a dark cloud of uncertainty began to surround this once confident young knight. With little experience to boast, how would he fair amongst the more seasoned fighters? While those in charge had tried to make the events safer each year, the risk of injury or even death was eminent. This was a tournament of power, courage, and prestige. No mercy! Mercy was for the weak!

Time could not move quick enough. Every day that passed seemed to drag on for eternity. Months had transpired since she had last been in the arms of her one true love. From the very moment their eyes locked she was caught. The emotion that filled her soul was like none she had ever experienced before. He had promised to return for her someday soon, but how long would she have to wait before he would take her in his strong arms again?

Then the news came. He was competing in this year’s summer tournament. Instantly she knew this was the moment she had been waiting for. As the joy of being reunited permeated her heart, great fear and dread attempted to choke it out. Competing in a tournament was not an event to be taken lightly. There was great danger and even death. Should she write to him…just in-case? If something were to happen to him, would he know how she loved him?

Thundering hooves and the clashing of iron. There was nothing like the pure excitement of the great tournaments. The roar from the crowd filled the air, making it difficult for conversation. All one could do was focus on the action in the ring below. Jousting was going to start at any moment. Butterflies filled her stomach as she waited in anticipation for him to enter the ring. Suddenly the crowd grew silent as the knights were called into action. He was there, mounted on his valiant steed, poised and ready. “For the honour of my lady,” he cried. The horse plunged forward, the javelins came down, and she closed her eyes…

What if you could experience the grandeur of such an event? To feel like royalty as you sit in the stands and watch these brave souls fight for honour, family, and love?

CHAPS Equine Assisted Therapy is giving residents of Sheridan and surrounding regions the opportunity to attend a Tournament of Knights presented by the Order of Epona. Come see this exciting event which will be hosted July 27th, 2019 at the Sheridan County Fairgrounds.

By Angel Brinkerhoff,  Board Member, CHAPS Equine Assisted Therapy

Tickets can be purchased at https://chapstournament.ecwid.com

For more information or answers to questions please contact



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