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In late 2016, Sunset Magazine hosted a “Best Main Street” Editorial contest, which tasked entrants with creating a video that showcased their hometown main street’s unique charms.

Sheridan Travel & Tourism took a novel approach to the video contest by focusing on local Main Street businesses that have endured since Sheridan’s early history and have since become mainstays. These establishments embody the spirit of the Sheridan community: we all share a love affair with our history, and a desire to bring that history into the modern age so that it may be experienced anew. It’s more about continuing our history in than it is about remaining unchanged; our 113-year-old barber shop may look much the same as it around the turn of the century, but the barber will take appointments by email.

By honoring historic buildings and businesses as integral threads in the Sheridan narrative, we are able to maintain these places, fight for them, and incorporate them seamlessly into our modern western paradise.

Among entries from cities and towns all across the Western States, Sheridan, WY was one of 4 finalists in the contest, and was featured in the February 2017 issue of Sunset Magazine. Find out more about Sheridan and the other 4 finalists at sunset.com/mainstreet.

Businesses Featured:

The Mint Bar (1907)
The White Swan Barbershop (1904-1906)
The WYO Theater (Mars Theater) (1923)
P.O. News & Flagstaff Cafe (1916)
King’s Ropes and Saddlery (1961)

Video by Salvatore Brown
Film & Digital Production Coordinator

Begun in 1898 as a promotional railroad magazine, “Sunset” is a lifestyle magazine with a readership of 4.6 million, catering to the Western States.

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