Best Craft Breweries in Sheridan

Craft Beer is King in Sheridan, WY

Best Craft Breweries in Sheridan

The vibrant craft brewery scene in Sheridan has become a focal point for beer enthusiasts exploring the unique offerings of Wyoming breweries. From the innovative Luminous Brewhouse to the iconic Blacktooth Brewing Company, these establishments contribute to the growing appreciation for exceptional craft beer in Wyoming.

Black Tooth Brewing Company

Black Tooth Brewery

Address: 312 Broadway St

The Black Tooth Brewing Co. has garnered critical acclaim since it opened its door in 2010. Dozens of banners from national festivals and competitions hang from the tap room’s ceiling, and you would be hard pressed to find a bar, pub or restaurant within a hundred miles that isn’t serving at least one Black Tooth brew. Black Tooth has become one of the best breweries in Sheridan and the largest brewery in Wyoming, growth spurred by a fundamental dedication to producing top-quality beer with the finest possible ingredients.

Black Tooth Brewing Co. is a local watering hold of the highest caliber, a social hitching post, and a community landmark. The tap room hosts live music, local food vendors, game nights, and more. The beers – from core staples like Saddle Bronc Brown to seasonal like the Quick Draw – are creative, bold, hand-crafted works of hoptastic art.

Recommended Brew

Indulge in the rustic allure of Black Tooth Brewing Company’s Saddle Bronc Brown Ale, a quintessential Wyoming beer that captivates with its robust flavor profile. This ale boasts a perfect blend of toasty malt and subtle chocolate notes, creating a smooth and satisfying experience reminiscent of the picturesque Wyoming landscapes. A must-try for those seeking the authentic taste of craft beer in Wyoming, the Saddle Bronc Brown Ale is a flavorful journey through the heart of the state’s brewing heritage.

Luminous Brewhouse

Luminous Brewhouse

Address: 504 Broadway St

One of the finest brewery secrets in the American West, the Luminous Brewhouse is a purveyor of malty gold that has carved out a niche as a bespoke brewer of unique beers, oft-lauded Uphill Red Ale, the Black Mountain Coffee Stout, and the bold, hoptastic High Country IPA. Luminous features an excellent mug club and helpful bartenders that are always ready to help you navigate the extensive tap list. Dubbed “Sheridan’s Living Room” the Brewhouse is a welcoming and comfortable spot to catch a local band, partake in a trivia or open mic night or just kick back and relax on a rainy afternoon.

Luminous Brewhouse stands as a beacon of creativity and community in the thriving craft beer scene of Sheridan. Nestled among the local breweries in Sheridan, Luminous has distinguished itself with its commitment to producing innovative brews while fostering a sense of camaraderie within the community.

Recommended Brew

Embark on a taste adventure at Luminous, where the Black Mountain Coffee Stout stands out as a shining star among Wyoming beers. This dark and velvety stout boasts a symphony of chocolate and roasted malt notes, delivering a decadent yet approachable experience for aficionados and novices alike.

Smith Alley Brewing Company

Smith Alley Brewing Co

Address: 150 N Main St

Family-friendly and focused on hand-crafted ales and clever pub grub, Smith Alley’s historic bones and beautiful outdoor seating spaces are poised to please crowds all year long. Smith Alley is the ideal spot to enjoy Downtown Sheridan on their namesake alleyway patio; the brewery offers nearly a dozen house beers, a variety of rotating seasonal beers, Craft Seltzers, Craft-Tails as well as non-alcoholic options including Craft Root Beer.

Smith Alley is dedicated to community involvement, playing host to a multitude of events and partnering with local businesses for various projects, such as the verdant farm wall installation lining the outdoor patio.

Recommended Brew

If you’re seeking Wyoming breweries serving up light and refreshing ales, try Stacy’s Mom (with a hint of raspberry, she’s got it going on!). Of course, the only proper pairing would be a basket of their famous Tot-Chos followed by a main dish; this craft brewery in Sheridan, WY has all the crafted courses on their menu, from Craftizers, Craftwiches, Craft Wings and more.

Tongue River Brewing Company

Tongue River Brewing Company

Address: 530 US-14, Ranchester

The newly opened Tongue River Brewing Company is already proving to be to be an integral part of Sheridan County’s craft beer landscape.

At the heart of Tongue River Brewing Company’s ethos is a dedication to not only crafting exceptional beers but also fostering a sense of community. They understand that a great brewery isn’t just about what’s in the glass but also about the experiences shared around it.  With a pool and dart league, a welcoming outdoor patio, and a hospitable and welcoming atmosphere, they’ve become more than just a place to grab a pint – they’re a hub for connection and camaraderie.

Recommended Brew

Tongue River Brewing Company supports local partners; from homemade pizza dough sourced from their neighboring bakery, Innominate, to the taps pouring their own beer or a selection from other Sheridan County, Wyoming breweries. Try their signature Tongue River Blonde, which pairs well with a pizza and a patio seat.

Koltiska Distillery

Koltiska Distillery

Address: 644 Crook St

History and tradition run deep in the Koltiska family; the Koltiska’s settled in Sheridan County in the late 19th Century, and have called Wyoming home for more than five generations. The original Kolts Fine Spirits, established in 2001, released the handcrafted Koltiska Original Liqueur, followed by KO 90, each an embodiment of the spirit of the American West. In early 2016 Kolts Fine Sprits became the Koltiska Distillery, and the company opened a new production facility and tasting room that offers guests an opportunity to sample old favorites, new products (gin, vodka and whiskey) as well as craft cocktails inspired by more than 100 years of local family lore.

Koltiska Distillery stands as a proud cornerstone of the Sheridan craft beverage scene, adding a unique and flavorful dimension to the local landscape. While not a brewery in the traditional sense, Koltiska’s artisanal approach to distillation has earned it a special place among the vibrant community of local breweries in Sheridan, Wyoming.

Recommended Spirit

Savor the Koltiska Original Liqueur (KO) neat to fully appreciate its complex flavors and smooth, velvety texture. Alternatively, consider enjoying KO as a base for cocktails, adding depth and character to classic recipes such as a Sheridan style Moscow Mule, or inspiring you to craft your own innovative concoctions.

The Tasting Library

The Tasting Library

Address: 700 N Main St

The Tasting Library, located in downtown Sheridan, is a unique gem in Wyoming’s local craft culture, offering a curated selection of wines, spirits, and notably, craft beers from across the state. While not a brewery itself, it plays a significant role in showcasing Wyoming’s diverse and burgeoning craft beer scene. This stylish yet comfortable venue, reminiscent of a private wine cellar, serves as a hub for enthusiasts to explore and appreciate the best of Wyoming’s brewing landscape, discovering hidden gems and well-known favorites alike.

Recommended Drink of Choice

Peruse the rotating taps at the Tasting Library and you’ll find a carefully curated selection of draft beer, including many local suds such as Sheridan Beer Company’s Sheridan Bock. Deeply-rooted in Wyoming history, the Sheridan Beer Company had crafted and poured their first beer in Sheridan nearly 130 years ago.

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