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  > Ft. MacKenzie
  > Ft. Phil Kearny
  > Little Bighorn Nat'l Monument
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  > Rosebud Battlefield
  > Trail End State Historic Site
  > Wagon Box Fight


An important part of experiencing Sheridan is exploring the history & culture of the American West. Visit one of our many historic sites.  These sites give an exceptional glimpse into Sheridan’s past.

There is the Connor Battlefield which is the site of the Battle of Tongue River between the Army and the Arapahoe tribe in 1865 or Fort Phil Kearny, which was an outpost of the United States Army (1866-l868) that existed along the Bozeman Trail.

Don’t miss the Trail End State Historic site which is a mansion owned by the Wyoming cattle baron turned Governor and U.S. Senator, John B. Kendrick that features a great view of lavish early 20th century lifestyle.

The Little Bighorn National Monument is the site of a crucial battle in 1876 between George Armstrong Custer and the Sioux.  It has a museum and historic interpretations of the battle, to name a few.