Visit our fabulous neighboring towns that are only a short distance away for day trips.

The nearest one, only 10 miles away, is beautiful Big Horn. It is home to great places like the Big Horn Polo Fields, The Brinton Museum, Bozeman Museum and is the location  of some awesome events like the Annual Snickers Soccer Cup, Wyoming State Soccer Cup and also has the back entrance into the Big Horn Mountains via Red Grade Road.

The quaint town of Dayton has a welcome sign as one enters that reads, “Dayton, A Little Slice of Heaven” and is the gateway to U.S. Highway 14 which enters the foothills of the Bighorn Mountains.  Dayton is a mere 17 miles from Sheridan.   

The old timey town of Ranchester lies just 12 miles to the north of Sheridan. It’s home to the Connor Battlefield Wyoming State Park and the T-Rex Natural History Museum.

The serene wooded community of Story is a quick 20 minute drive south of Sheridan, but worlds apart from the ‘busyness” of the city. 

Lastly, there is breathtaking UCross which lies 27 miles southeast of Sheridan. The main draw is The Ucross Foundation and Gallery which is located on a 20,000-acre working cattle ranch and focuses on the promotion of historical sites in the area and running their world famous artists-in-residence program.