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Take historic Highway 14 through Clearmont for a glimpse at Sheridan County's stunning countryside, quintessential small town living, and a pace all your own.

Est. 1892
Population: 147
Elevation: 3,917 ft.


In 1890, the Pratt & Ferris Cattle Company controlled the valley where the town of Clearmont is located; farming and agriculture have been important to the region ever since.

Before Clearmont became a town in 1892, there was the town of Huson, complete with a cemetery, post office and local press. Huson ceased to exist in November 1892, just six months after its post office was established because the owners of the Burlington and Missouri Railroad Co. didn’t like a bend in the track, and chose instead Clearmont as the location for its new station. Clearmont is said to have derived its name from the Clear Creek that flows nearby and the view of the Bighorn Mountains in the distance.

In the early 1900s, Clearmont was a major shipping point for cattle and became a terminal point in 1914. In the 1920s, a fire destroyed a row of buildings that included the Rock Hotel and Saloon, a meat market, and a popular confectionary store.

Clearmont Today

Today, Clearmont offers an interesting alternate route for travelers heading for Gillette or Devils Tower National Monument; take historic Highway 14 through Clearmont for a glimpse at stunning countryside, majestic mountain views, and quintessential small town living. The area features unique attractions and curious history. The Clearmont Town Jail, built in 1922, is listed on the National Registry of Historic Places; and the Ucross Foundation Art Gallery, hosting numerous art exhibitions and a unique artists-in-residence program that draws participants from all over the world; the Ranch at Ucross is one of Wyoming’s most spectacular vacation destinations.

If you have any questions about the Clearmont/Arvada area, please contact: Clearmont Town Hall (307) 758-4465

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