Neighbor Towns Ucross

The Ucross Foundation opened its doors in 1981. The Foundation is located 27 miles southeast of Sheridan.

Population: 26 (2012 projection)
Elevation: 4,085 ft.


The small community of Ucross received its name from the Pratt and Ferris Cattle Company cattle brand, a cattle brand that had a U with a cross beneath. This ranch turned into an 20,000-acre artist retreat when the Ucross Foundation opened its doors in 1981. Since its implementation, the Foundation has hosted 1,300 award-winning painters, printmakers, photographers, writers, composers and choreographers in their residency program. Artists are given uninterrupted time, accommodations and space to experiment and explore their fields.

Ucross Today

The Ucross Foundation Art Gallery, located in the historic Big Red Barn, provides space for fine art exhibits throughout the year. Open Mon-Sat from 10 AM to 4 PM. Also open by appointments.

If you have any questions about Ucross, please contact:Ucross Foundation 30 Big Red Lane Clearmont, WY 82835 Phone: (307) 737-2291 Fax: (307) 737-2322

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