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The town of Ranchester is located 9 miles south of the Montana border beneath a panoramic central view of the Bighorn Mountains.

Population: 866 (2012 projection)
Elevation: 3,763 ft.

U.S. Highway 14 west of Ranchester leads to the mountains and onward to Yellowstone National Park. The county seat of Sheridan lies just 12 miles to the south.


Incorporated in 1911 (over 100 years ago), Ranchester got its name from S.H. Hardin, who owned a local ranch encompassing several thousand acres. Town names in Hardin’s native England often ended in “chester,” so Hardin dubbed the town “Ranchester.” In addition to its namesake ranches, the town was the site of the loading dock for railroad ties hewn from harvested Bighorn Mountains timber and floated down the tie flume.

Ranchester Today

Ranchester boasts a new visitor’s center to welcome you when you are visiting their area. It is also home of the Connor Battlefield Wyoming State Park. There you will find a monument, with interpretive signage, picnic area and campgrounds.

Meet Sue, a cast skull of a Tyrannosaurus Rex, at the T-R Natural History Museum in Ranchester. The museum is small, but packed with attractions – the massive T-Rex skull, raptor fossils, geological curiosities, crystals, and more. The museum makes for an excellent diversion from the road if you’re en route to the Bighorn Mountains or Yellowstone National Park, or if you’re from Sheridan County and looking to experience something new in your own backyard.

Afterwards, grab some donuts at the Hootin’ Owl Cafe or find a spot at the Wyoming Buckshot Saloon for a gourmet burger or sandwich.

Ranchester Town Hall (307) 655-2283

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