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Capture the spirit of the old west.

Bozeman Trail

Built in 1879 by the Rock Creek Stage Line, the Blacksmith Shop, now home to the Bozeman Trail Museum originally satisfied the needs of the nearby Bozeman Trail, connecting south-eastern Wyoming to Virginia City, Montana. Located in Big Horn, Wyoming, approximately 10 miles south of Sheridan.

The Brinton Museum

The Brinton on the National Historic Register, is internationally recognized as a memorial to Western art and culture. Experience the lifestyle of a 1920 gentleman’s working ranch, home to amazing collections of Indian artifacts, art, historic documents and books, the Brinton collection features over 600 oils, watercolors, and sketches by American artists.

Hans Kleiber Studio

The Hans Kleiber Studio Musuem is dedicated to the legacy of Hans Kleiber, Artist of the Big Horns, Author, Wyoming Pioneer and naturalist. Features mementos of this well-known local painter and printer house in his cabin studio.

King’s Museum

Don King pictured with a Sheridan-style saddle he developed. The museum houses hundreds of unique saddles and memorabilia of the Wild West. King’s Museum developed from the artistry and handwork of master leather craftsman Don King who developed his own style, “the Sheridan Style” saddle.

T-Rex Natural History

Experience a live lecture program on the T-Rex, other dinosaurs and the great extinction. 65 million years ago in what is now Wyoming, South Dakota and Montana, lived the greatest, most, powerful predator ever to walk the Earth. This was the great Tyrannosaurus Rex. With a five-foot skull packing eight inch teeth, huge jaw muscles and forty-five miles per hour speed, he feared nothing.

Sheridan County Museum

Immerse yourself in the colorful Cultures, Commerce, and Characters of Sheridan County history. The newly opened museum features a gift shop, interactive exhibits, dioramas, and Western art which present the local perspective on the history of the American West.