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The Brinton Museum is located on the historic Quarter Circle A Ranch in Big Horn, Wyoming and features 19th, 20th and 21st century Western and American Indian Art in a setting that is art unto itself.

The Brinton Museum, located on the 620-acre historic Quarter Circle A Ranch in Big Horn, just a short drive from Sheridan, offers an authentic view into the life and lifestyle of a Western gentleman and art collector who was a patron and friend of many of the most celebrated 19th and 20th- century Western artists.

The Brinton Ranch house, originally built in 1892, was expanded in 1927-28 to accommodate the Brinton’s extensive collections of Indian artifacts, art, historic documents, books and over 600 oils, watercolors and sketches by American artists including: Audobon, Borein, Gollings, Kleiber, Remington and Russell, to name a few.

The setting is superb; the Brinton Ranch house is set in the shadow of the Bighorn Mountains along the Little Goose Creek and surrounded by immaculate grounds, gardens and trees. Several remarkable and well-preserved outbuildings are spaced around the grounds, including a carriage barn, saddle barn, milk house and the rustic Little Goose Creek Lodge, built in 1928 as a retreat and to accommodate the numerous trophies from his hunting trips and safaris.

Brinton Museum
Map | 239 Brinton Road, Big Horn
(307) 672-3173
Wednesday – Sunday | 9:30am – 5:30pm


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