King’s Museum








Don King pictured with a Sheridan-style saddle he developed. The museum houses hundreds of unique saddles and memorabilia of the Wild West.

King’s Museum developed from the artistry and handwork of master leather craftsman Don King who developed his own style, “the Sheridan Style” saddle.

As a boy, King followed his father, a working cowboy throughout the west. He sought out master leather craftsman throughout the west and opened his own business in 1961. Over the years, demand for his work exceeded output and Don quickly became known as one of our country’s premier saddle makers.buggy

Jean King, Museum Curator, uses Don’s words and says “Come See Us!” Don King’s collection of memorabilia now makes up King’s Museum. The Museum features the many Sheridan Rose pattern’s that Don King originated, and includes Texas saddles, American Indian saddles and saddles from many states west of the Mississippi. The museum provides a picture of the Old West through the artwork, silverwork, saddles and Native American collections presented. The museum is open Monday through Saturday 8 AM to 5 PM with a nominal entrance fee to the museum.