Welcome to Sheridan, Wyoming. The finest place to live, work and play in the Mountain West.

Welcome to Sheridan, Wyoming. The world comes out west expecting to see cowboys driving horses through the streets of downtown; pronghorn butting heads on windswept bluffs; clouds encircling the towering granite pinnacles of the Bighorn Mountains; and endless expanses of wild, open country. These are some of the fibers that have been stitched together over time to create the patchwork quilt of Sheridan’s identity, each part and parcel to the Wyoming experience. But what you may not have been expecting when you came way out West was a thriving, historic downtown district, with western allure, hospitality and good graces to spare; a vibrant art scene; excellent education and health care systems; bombastic craft culture; a robust festival and events calendar; and living history on every corner.

Sheridan is the finest place to live, work and play in the Mountain West, and we’re thrilled that you’re considering Wyoming as your new home. Click the image below to view our relocation packet, and scroll further for short videos on life in Sheridan.

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